Metadata Training and Outreach for Virginia: A Comprehensive Approach

The Commonwealth of Virginia is facing a transformation in its geospatial landscape at the local and State government levels. In addition to investments at the local and regional levels, Virginia has recently invested over $10 million to support the development of accurate and high resolution framework data layers (ranging from 1:4,800 to 1:1,200) statewide through the Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP). Statewide framework data layers generated to date through the VBMP include: digital orthophotography, road centerlines with addressing, hydrography, a densified geodetic control network, and digital elevation models.

The development of additional ancillary geospatial data layers (based on the VBMP framework data) to support local governments, regional planning district commissions (PDC’s), and State agencies is occurring at an unprecedented (and what many consider to be “frantic”) rates. Metadata is often approached as an after thought, or is neglected altogether. In response to this issue, the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) is in the process of implementing a state-of-the-art metadata clearinghouse using Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) compliant metadata. This metadata clearinghouse and will be a registered a Z39.50 Clearinghouse server, and will provide user-friendly forms to support the submission of compliant metadata. Alternatively, users can export metadata files that have already been documented, and submit the files to the
clearinghouse (as HTML or XML files).

This project will provide crucial support towards Virginia’s metadata efforts, by providing “Metadata Creator Workshops” for local governments, planning district commissions (PDC’s) and State agency personnel. Workshop participation by non-profit organizations (i.e. LandCare, TNC, Virginia Space Grant Consortium, etc.) and federal employees working in Virginia (i.e. U.S. Forest Service, Chesapeake Bay Program, etc.) is also anticipated.

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