West Virginia

The State of West Virginia Fifty States project will organize a new statewide coordinating structure for advancing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in West Virginia. The vision of the new coordinating structure is to have a broader representation that includes the private sector, academia, and all levels of government. It will strive to include high-level champions, elected officials or executive decision makers, in the coordination process who understand geospatial technologies and funding issues. As part of this project, the new coordinating body will develop strategic and business plans needed to leverage resources and minimize redundancies by integrating and publishing standardized geospatial data from multiple sources. Lastly, it will seek formal political recognition, either through executive level or legislative action, as well as identify a source of sustainable funding from State government.

Final Report (Dec 2007)

Second Interim Report (March 2007)


Business Plan

Interim Report

West Virginia GIC Techical Center

West Virginia Association of Geospatial Professionals


Kurt Donaldson, Project Manager, WV GIS Technical Center
(304) 293-5603 ext. 4336

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