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North Carolina possesses eight of the nine critical characteristics of a successful geospatial coordination program. The one identified deficiency is the lack of sustainable funding for NC OneMap. The development of a formal business plan is considered a vital component to making the case for sustaining NC OneMap.

The NC Geographic Information Coordinating Council and CGIA will complete a Business Plan to Sustain NC OneMap. The existing NC OneMap implementation plan includes a five-year budget. However, attempts to secure State appropriated funding have not yet been successful. In 2005, for the first time, the Governor’s budget included a request for funds for NC OneMap. Unfortunately, the NC General Assembly did not include this request in the final budget. A key barrier to the GICC’s efforts to secure funding is that the NC OneMap implementation plan and five-year budget are not integrated into a formal business plan. Specifically, the current documents do not articulate a compelling business case nor adequately define the return on investments to the State. These missing components must be in place for the General Assembly or any other stakeholder to consider investing in the plan and, more critically, to sustain its operation.

Final Report

Interim Report (April 2007)

Interim Report (September 2006)

Key documents

NC State Geographic Information / Consolidation Implementation Plan (December 2008)

Office of State Budget and Management GIS Study Final (February 2008)

NC Guidelines for Data Sharing Among Local, State, and Federal Government Attachments (November 2007)

Office of State Budget and Management GIS Study (July 2007)

Interagency Leadership Team Business Case Summary Report (March 2006)

Implementation Plan to Improve the Mapping and Digital Representation of Surface Waters in North Carolina (January 2005)

North Carolina OneMap Implementation Plan (August 2003)

North Carolina Onemap Vision and Characteristics (May 2003)

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North Carolina One Map

North Carolina Geographic Information Coordinating Council


Zsolt Nagy, CGIA Coordination Program Manager

Other key contacts:

Tim Johnson, CGIA Director

Tom Tribble, CGIA Field Office Manager

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