The Minnesota 50 States project will provide the resources needed to restore Minnesota’s capacity for coordinating GI technology by implementing recommendations made in Foundations for Coordinated GIS, adopted by the Governor's Council on Geographic Information (GCGI) in June 2004 as a strategic plan for implementing the Minnesota Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI). It will result in close integration of Minnesota’s GIS infrastructure with initiatives being developed by the state’s recently created Office of Enterprise Technology, headed by the State’s first Chief Information Officer.

Minnesota has a long tradition of cooperation, reflected in more than thirty years of accomplishments involving the development, distribution, and dissemination of digital geospatial data based upon common needs and adopted standards that support the NSDI. In 2004, Minnesota formally adopted a strategic plan for coordinating GI technology to support organizations working within the State, including recommendations addressing policies, procedures and governance issues that support IT enterprise solutions being developed by the State. This project supports the next steps required to develop a sustainable Minnesota Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI), strengthening coordination within the State while supporting the national goals of the NSDI.

Final Report (Nov. 2007)

Foundation Document (2004)

Compass Retreat Document (2007)

GIS Pandemic Needs Analysis Document --  Appendices (2007)

Interim Report (April 2007)

Interim Report

Minnesota Governor's Council on Geographic Information


David Arbeit, Director Office of Geographic and Demographic Analysis
(651) 201-2460

Other Key Contacts:

Fred Logman, Project Coordinator, Office of Geographic and Demographic Analysis
(651) 201-2495
fred.logman [at] state.mn.us

Rick Gelbmann, Chair Governor’s Council on Geographic Information
(651) 602-1371

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