The Connecticut Fifty States project supports the preparation of a Strategic Plan and a Business Plan for the Connecticut Geospatial Information Systems Council. The project will be run from the CT Department of Information Technology and will involve the entire Council of 21 members from State government, local government and regional planning organizations. The project timeline is geared to the State’s budget cycle with a goal of obtaining sustainable funding to staff the Council and move forward in our legislatively-mandated mission of coordination and assistance.  The project supports staff, travel, materials and workshops.  Principle staff on the project come from DOIT and a state university and they will be devoting about half their Council time to this process.  The Council existed and worked for many years “under the radar” and this project and a line item in the State’s budget can raise our profile and allow us to begin our tasks on a solid footing.

Strategic Plan (October 4, 2007)

Business Plan (October 4, 2007)

Strategic & Business Plans on State of Connecticut Web Site

Final Report

Interim Report 2 (April 2007)

Interim Report

Connecticut Department of Information Technology

Connecticut Geospatial Council


Mike Varney


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