Maryland State Geographic Information Committee (MSGIC) will examine alternative organizational structures that could effectively move GIS into the mainstream of Maryland information technology and define GIS coordination in Maryland in a manner consistent with other States' efforts and according to nationally developed guidelines for statewide coordination. MSGIC will gather stakeholder information; design a State coordinating body for Maryland that satisfies the nine NSGIC State Model for Coordination criteria and NSDI’s recommendations; bring stakeholders together in focused group meetings to obtain feedback on the design and recommendations for participation and implementation. The final plan will establish Maryland’s model for a GIS coordinating body with the means, authority, and funding sources to accomplish geospatial information coordination in Maryland and in support of the NSDI and the objectives of the Fifty States Initiative Action Plan. Progressive component structures exist in Maryland but must be joined under a funded authority to have optimal effect and cost savings.

Final Report (Strategic and Business Plans Attached)

Interim Report

MD Coordination Project Site

Maryland State Geographic Information Committee


Matthew S. Felton, Director Towson University Center for Geographic Information Sciences

Other Key Contacts:

Jeff Edgin, Incoming MSGIC Chair

Mr. Mehrzad Z. Rouhani, MSGIC Chair

Mr. Kenneth Miller, Director Watershed Information Services, Maryland DNR

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