Channel Islands Regional GIS Collaborative

The goal of this project is to build a strong, sustainable partnership in the Channel Islands Region,
by building a system that would allow:

  • Collection of framework data layers for emergency response.
  • Integration of the data layers into a regional GIS data catalog.
  • Development of maintenance and update procedures.

Creation of a WMS service, the The Channel Islands Regional GIS Collaborative Data View, that would allow all CIRGIS organizations, federal organizations and the public to view and query the regional geospatial database, for emergency response or other purposes. CIRGIS proposes to develop WMS services that deliver data from a variety of agencies in our region via the NSDI. Specifically, we intend to distribute geopolitical boundaries, parcel maps, aerial imagery, street centerlines and elevation data that have been collected and refined by local agencies. For this effort we will focus on cities where there are significant ongoing GIS operations that create and maintain high-accuracy data.

The Channel Islands Region is a highly populated, geologically active area just north of Los Angeles, California. It encompasses fifteen rapidly growing cities and many smaller communities, each struggling to handle the pressure of population explosion and related traffic, housing and public safety issues. This is an area of slightly over 12,000 km that includes the Oxnard, California urban area and has an estimated population of 1.2 million. Almost every year the area experiences very significant emergency situations, including extensive fires, landslides, floods, earthquakes and the associated threat of tsunami, dam inundation, and other disasters. More recently, local governments in the area have begun working with Federal agencies to better understand and prepare for terrorist threats, which appear to be quite real due to the proximity of important oil production facilities and military installations.

Final Report

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The Channel Islands Regional GIS Collaborative


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