The Wyoming Fifty States project addresses the need to develop and implement new mechanisms for promoting and supporting interagency geospatial coordination in Wyoming, not only among State agencies but also between State government and local, Federal, tribal, and private members of the Wyoming geospatial community. In 2004/2005, the Wyoming Geographic Information Advisory Council developed a set of recommendations for improving statewide geospatial cooperation. Proposed actions included restructuring the council into a tiered organization comprised of a five-member Governor-appointed oversight committee and a 14-member Technical Advisory Group representing various constituent end-user groups. The plan also called for the establishment of a Geographic Information Officer position, housed within the Office of the State CIO. Technical services would be provided through contract with the University of Wyoming’s Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center. The overarching goal for this project is to leverage past and ongoing geospatial coordination efforts by: (1) refining the council’s recommendations into a more formalized Strategic Plan; (2) implementing all non-fiscally constrained components of said strategic plan; and (3) developing a comprehensive Business Plan which articulates the case for both top-down and bottom-up investment in the long-term sustainability of a statewide geospatial coordination program in Wyoming.

Strategic Plan

Business Plan

GIS Educational Brochure for Wyoming

Final Report

Interim Report 2  (May 2007)

Interim Report

Wyoming Office of the Chief Information Officer, GIS Coordination

Wyoming Geographic Information Advisory Council


Jeff Hamerlinck, UW/WyGISC
(307) 766-2736

Other Key Contacts:

Ben Saunders, GIS Manager, WY Dept. of Transportation, (307) 777-3892, Ben.Saunders@dot.state.wy.us

Cathy Raney, GIS Coordinator, Campbell County, (307) 687-6297, clr23@ccgov.net

Randy Wiggins, GIS Coordinator, USDA NRCS, (307) 233-6778, randy.wiggins@wy.usda.gov

Barb Ray, (303) 202-4171, baray@usgs.gov

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