FGDC endorses over 60 external standards

The FGDC Steering Committee has officially endorsed over 60 non-Federally authored standards that play an important role in enabling geospatial interoperability.  The standards include standards from Open Geospatial Consortium; ISO Technical Committee 211, Geographic information/Geomatics; the American National Standards Institute (through International Committee for Information Technology Standards Technical Committee L1, Geographic information systems) and de facto standards.

The FGDC Steering endorsed these standards in accordance with the FGDC Policy on Recognition of Non-Federally Authored Geographic Information Standards and Specifications [PDF].  This was the first time this policy was exercised.  The standards were identified and reviewed by the FGDC Standards WG (SWG), reviewed and voted upon by the FGDC Coordination Group (CG), and then endorsed by the FGDC Steering Committee. 

For a list of the endorsed standards, please visit FGDC Endorsed External Standards  page on the FGDC website.