Feds Buy Smart, Announcing Award of New Geospatial SmartBUY Agreement

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today the Federal Geographic Data Committee announced that all federal agencies now have access to a single ordering schedule for purchase of their geospatial software needs. Awarded on September 30, 2009, the new Geospatial SmartBUY includes five new offerings (compared to the single offering under the current SmartBUY).

Under a broad initiative supported by the Department of the Interior, Federal agencies will be able improve their efficiency and save taxpayers money by consolidating their purchases of geospatial software under the government-wide Geospatial Line of Business (LoB). The Federal Geographic Data Committee, which is hosted by the Interior Department, includes 32 member federal agencies. The new arrangement made by the FGDC, however, will be available to all federal agencies as well as state, tribal and local governments.

An interagency team composed of representatives from across the Federal community worked with the U.S. General Services Administration SmartBUY Team to implement a multi-vendor Blanket Purchase Agreement. The new BPA will provide small, medium, and large government users a common portfolio of geospatial software technology options. Types of software within the agreement include web-based visualization, imagery analysis, geo-coding, and geospatial analytics and modeling. These tools will facilitate increased consistency of data creation and use as well as provide effective tools for utilizing place-based information in decision-making and management processes.

Suppliers receiving awards include: Science Applications International Corporation for SAIC GeoRover software at http://www.saic.com/about/; Planet Associates Inc. for Planet Infrastructure Relationship Management software at http://www.planet-gis.com/index.html; Imager Software, Inc. for ISC MapDotNet software at http://www.isc.ca/; ONIX Networking Corporation for Google and CubeWerx software at http://www.onixnet.com/. These geospatial information systems software providers offer a range of solutions for sophisticated geodata -creating agencies, geodata consumers, and a wide variety of other potential users.

For vendors and agencies alike, the new Geospatial SmartBUY will help reduce costs and streamline administration, while improving access to high- quality commercial geospatial software and related support products. The old SmartBUY agreement will continue in force adding to agency options. This SmartBUY will make geospatial technology more accessible while bringing transparency to the purchasing process.

Agencies can begin ordering immediately on GSA Advantage (www.gsaadvantage.gov) or using GSA’s e-Buy system (www.ebuy.gsa.gov). For additional information on the SmartBUY program, visit www.gsa.gov/smartbuy.

For more information on this program or the FGDC Geospatial Line of Business, please contact Lew Sanford Jr.: lsanford@fgdc.gov or 703-648-4152. For further information on activities: www.fgdc.gov/geospatial-lob.

Official DOI News Release [PDF]