FGDC 2018 Annual Report now available

FGDC Annual Report cover 2018FGDC Community,

I am pleased to announce the release of the FGDC 2018 Annual Report. The report is available here  for downloading in both high-resolution and low-resolution digital (.pdf) file format. A limited number of printed versions will be available by mid-May of 2019. If you would like a printed version, please contact Lucia Foulkes at lfoulkes@usgs.gov 

This report provides a summary of program, management, and performance information and describes the FGDC’s actions during FY 2018. The report also includes FY 2018 activities and accomplishments of the FGDC subcommittees and working groups.

My sincere thanks to all the agencies and individuals for the work documented in the annual report, and thanks also to those who contributed to the report.

Timothy Petty, Ph.D.
Chair, FGDC