FGDC & NGAC 2017 Transition Recommendations

The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) community has developed several transition documents for the new administration:

Geospatial data is a critical national asset that has increased the value of America's data resources and underpins key aspects of the economy.  Dependence on and use of spatial data and services span all business sectors, levels of government, and public and private investments today. The U.S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure - the NSDI - provides a framework for the collaborative development of this critical digital infrastructure for the Nation.

The Federal Geographic Data Committee - the FGDC - is the Federal interagency body, of 32 member agencies, that coordinates the development of the NSDI through the development, use, sharing, and dissemination of geospatial data on a national basis. The National Geospatial Advisory Committee - the NGAC - is a Federal Advisory Committee with representatives from the private sector, State, local and Tribal governments, academia and non-profits that provides advice and recommendations on national geospatial policy and management issues.

FGDC and the NGAC have provided recommendations for the 2017 Transition, to provide a high-level plan for increasing the value and impact of the NSDI and to support the Administration's priorities. Over the past year, the FGDC has collaborated extensively across Federal members and with non-federal partners to develop a new Strategic Framework for the NSDI, which reflects the viewpoints of the geospatial community regarding key opportunities for the new Administration. The breadth of the coordination, the recommended actions and initiatives, and the elements of a strategic path forward for the NSDI are included in the documents.

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