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FGDC Standards Projects

Folder Geospatial Positioning Accuracy Standards, Parts 1-5
This folder contains information for Geospatial Positioning Accuracy Standards, Parts 1-5
Folder Bio Taxonomy
Folder Cadastral Data Content Standard
Folder Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata: Extensions for Remote Sensing Metadata
Folder Standard for Framework Land Elevation Data
Folder Standard for Location and Identification of Facilities
Folder NSDI Framework Transportation Identification Standard
Folder Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
Folder Content Standard for Digital Orthoimagery
Folder Content Standard for Remote Sensing Swath Data
Folder Utilities Data Content Standard, FGDC-STD-010-2000
Folder National Vegetation Classification Standard
Folder Standard for a U.S. National Grid
Folder Spatial Data Transfer Standard, Parts 1-7
Page Explanation of content of project pages
Content of individual project pages is discussed in context of the FGDC Standards Reference Model and FGDC Standards Directives
Folder Classification of Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats of the United States
Folder Soil Geographic Data Standard
Folder United States Thoroughfare, Landmark, and Postal Address Data Standard
Formerly titled the Street Address Data Standard. This standards project replaces the Address Data Content Standard project, which was discontinued in 2005.
Folder Digital Cartographic Standard for Geologic Map Symbolization
Folder Address Data Content Standard
This standards project has been discontinued in favor of the current Street Address Data Standard project
Folder Framework Transportation Identification Standard
Work on this standard has been suspended indefinitely. The Framework Data Standard supersedes this standard.
Page FGDC-endorsed standards
Folder Hydrographic Data Content Standard for Coastal and Inland Waterways
Folder Earth Cover Classification Standard
Folder Encoding Standards for Geospatial Metadata
Folder Geologic Data Model
Folder Shoreline Data Content Standard
Folder FGDC Profile(s) of the ISO Technical Committee 211 Metadata Standard (ISO 19115)
Folder National Hydrography Framework Geospatial Data Content Standard
Folder Governmental Unit Boundary Data Content Standard
Folder Federal Standards for Delineation of Hydrologic Unit Boundaries
Folder National Standards for the Floristic Levels of Vegetation Classification in the United States: Associations and Alliances
(Part II of the Federal Geographic Data Committee Vegetation Classification Standards, FGDC-STD-005, October 1997)
Folder Revisions to the National Standards for the Physiognomic Levels of Vegetation Classification in the United States:
Federal Geographic Data Committee Vegetation Classification Standards, FGDC-STD-005
Folder Riparian Mapping Standard
Folder Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata: Thematic Supplement for Geospatially Referenced Cultural and Demographic Data Metadata
Folder Environmental Hazards Geospatial Data Content Standard
Discontinued project
Folder National Standards for Wetlands Mapping
Folder Federal Trail Data Standards
On September 30, 2011, the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Steering Committee voted to endorse the Federal Trail Data Standards (FTDS). The FTDS enable national, regional, state, and trail-level managers, partners, and the public to use a common and mutually understood terminology for recording, retrieving and applying spatial and tabular information. The FTDS also make it easier for trail information to be accessed and combined by individuals, agencies, or groups. Ease in sharing data improves the ability for enhanced and consistent mapping, inventory, condition assessment, management, budgeting, monitoring, and information retrieval for internal and external needs.
Page Discontinued FGDC standards projects
These projects, which did not result in FGDC-endorsed standards, were discontinued at the request of the sponsor.
Page FGDC standards in development
Folder Cultural Resources Geospatial Data Content Standard
Folder Framework Data Standard
draft presented for FGDC Coordination Group approval for FGDC endorsement
Folder Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard (CMECS)
Folder Geographic information Framework Data Content Standard
Folder Real Property Data Asset Standard
The Real Property Data Asset Standard (RPADS) was formerly called the Federal Buildings and Facilities Geospatial Data Content Standard. The FGDC endorsed RPADS in 2014
Folder Maintenance and Review of the National Wetland Classification Standard
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