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Award Number 08HQAG0007, Category 3: Fifty States Initiative

Strategic and Business Plan Development in Support of Enterprise GIS in Idaho

The Idaho GIS community now has a unified vision for its spatial data infrastructure with well-crafted Strategic and Business Plans. They also created an executive summary in the form of a presentation which can be tuned to a variety of audiences and a brochure for quick introduction to the ISDI initiative. In the course of the project, the statewide community developed closer ties and has a greater awareness of how they are connected and interdependent. An equally important result has been gaining the attention, understanding and support of key decision-makers that are vital to their success. They have also enlisted the partnership of related communities, such as surveyors and assessors.

Final Report

Interim Report

Idaho's Strategic Plan -- Business Plan
Executive Summary Presentation (PDF)
ISDI Brochure

Office of the Chief Information Officer, Department of Administration, State of Idaho


Ms. Gail M. Ewart, GISP, Geospatial Information Officer

Nick Nydegger, Chair, Idaho Geospatial Committee

Scott Van Hoff, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Idaho

Link to more information about the 50 States Initiative

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