SME Workshop Workbook Documents

FileSME Workshop Title Page and Table of Contents
Powerpoint pages that should be printed in slide format, gray scale, single side printing
FileSME Workshop Presentation Slides
Powerpoint presentation slides that should be printed in handout format, 3 per page, grayscale, and double side printed
NSDI Training Program: Curriculum Overview
Graphical representation of the NSDI Curriculum
NSDI Training Program: Content Development Roles and Priorities
Outline of SME roles/assignments and priorities for content development
FileNSDI Training Program:Curriculum Revisions Form
A form for SMEs to record their suggested revisions to the NSDI Training Program Curriculum
NSDI Training Program: Requirments Analysis Report
Summary report of the NSDI Training Program Requirements Analysis with FAOs: URISA, NSGIC, Tribal, and USGS Liaisons
FileSME Workshop Learning Objectives and Activities Handouts
The Learning Objective and Activities handouts provided in Section Four of the SME Training Materials Workshop Workbook
FileNSDI Training Program: Lesson Plan Example
Example of a completed Lesson Plan for the Value of Metadata Lesson
FileNSDI Training Program: Lesson Plan Form
Form for use by SMEs when developing lesson plans for NSDI Training Program modules/lessons