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UML Model

The conceptual schema for the Framework Data Standard is expressed in Unified Modeling Lanaguage (UML).

The file Framework-XMI-20060117.xmi is an XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) file that represents the full UML model of Framework data themes from the Framework Data Content Standard. This file was created using the Enterprise Architect UML modeling program, Professional Edition, version 4.10.734. XMI files are an XML encoding of the full UML model and are used to exchange UML models between different UML modeling packages. The XMI file is encoded using XMI Version 1.0.

The file UMLX13.dtd is a Document Type Definition (DTD) model that describes the structure of the content of Framework-XMI-20060117.

GML Models

An implementation of the Framework Data Content Standard has been created using Geography Markup Language (GML) 3.1, which was developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for encoding geographic information. The ISO project for GML is ISO 19136.   GML is a specialization of Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Two directories, FullGML31Schemas and SimpleGML31Schemas, contain the Geography Markup Language (GML) Version 3.1 representations using a full and "Simple" or Basic expression of GML, respectively. These GML schemas are expressed as XML Schema Documents (XSD) to assist in the creation and validation of GML from Framework data services. It is envisioned that the primary vehicle for the exchange of GML will be through the use of the OGC Web Feature Services (WFS), a query and response protocol for geographic Web services.

FullGML31Schemas contains schemas developed through the UML-to-GML Application Schema (UGAS) generator, also known as ShapeChange, with some post-processing editing applied. The themes of Cadastral, Geodetic Control, Hydrography, and Governmental Units have been reviewed in implementation prototypes. The full GML expression of Roads, Air, Base Transportation, Transit, Waterways, Rail, and Elevation have not been tested or reviewed. Orthoimagery is adequately expressed using other data formats, such as GeoTIFF, using the OGC Web Map Server (WMS) protocol, and is not included here as a GML model. Elevation data, as regular gridded surfaces, may also be better expressed using GeoTIFF through a Web Coverage Server. The schema files for individual themes may require schema fragments from the folders asXML, base, scXML, smXML, ssXML, stXML, and xlink.

SimpleGML31Schemas contains schemas developed and tested as conforming to a constrained subset of GML 3.1 known as "GML Simple Features Profile." OGC members approved the GML Simple Features Profile as an adopted OpenGIS® Implementation Specification at OGC's 56th OGC Technical and Planning Committee Meetings held April 2006 in Huntsville, Alabama. This expression of GML is suited to many Framework themes where complex information structures are not necessary. These schemas have only been prepared for Governmental Units, Roads (and Linear Reference Systems), Cadastral, Hydrography, and Geodetic Control.