Cadastral Data Content Standard

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Maintenance authority

Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Department of the Interior


  1. To provide common definitions for cadastral information found in public records, which will facilitate the effective use, understanding, and automation of land records,
  2. To standardize attribute values, which will enhance data sharing,
  3. To resolve discrepancies related to the use of homonyms and synonyms in federal land record systems, which will minimize duplication within and among those systems,
  4. To provide guidance and direction for land records and land surveying professionals on standardized attribute values and definitions, which will improve land records creation, management, and use, and
  5. To use participatory involvement in the standard development to reach out to non-federal organizations which will encourage broadly based application of the standard.


The Cadastral Data Content Standard is intended to support the automation and integration of publicly available land records information. It is intended to be useable by all levels of government and the private sector. The standard contains the standardization of entities and objects related to cadastral information including survey measurements, transactions related to interests in land, general property descriptions, and boundary and corner evidence data. Any or all of these applications are intended to be supported by the standard. The standard is not intended to reflect an implementation design.

The intended geographic scope of the standard is all fifty states of the United States including all onshore cadastral as well as offshore Outer Continental Shelf Blocks. Applicability of this standard in other geographic areas and business processes, such as the Insular Areas of the United States and non-Outer Continental Shelf Block marine applications has not been determined.

Sponsored by

FGDC Subcommittee for Cadastral Data

Project history

FGDC-endorsed standard  1.4  2008-05 BLM