Geospatial Positioning Accuracy Standards - Part 1: Reporting Methodology

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National Geodetic Survey


To provide consistency in reporting the accuracy of point geospatial data collected by different activities (e.g., geodetic surveying, topographic mapping, bathymetric mapping, facilities management mapping, cadastral surveying, etc.) and develop a FGDC document with a single methodology that defines how to report the positional accuracy for all point geospatial data collected, produced, or disseminated by the Federal government and the Nation.


This project only pertains to developing a reporting methodology for the accuracy of point spatial data. It does not involve other standards aspects of point spatial data, e.g., data transfer, data collection, etc. This project involves all FGDC subcommittees and/or work groups since all spatial data will contain a statement describing the accuracy of these point data. While all of FGDC will be involved in developing the specifics of their individual data accuracy, a single overriding methodology is desired. This standard applies to point-specific data only, not other types of accuracy such as for area, lines, attributes, and raster data.

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Federal Geodetic Control Subcommittee

Project history

Document typeVersionDateCustodian
Proposal FGDC Standards Working Group
Draft 1996-12 FGDC Standards Working Group
Comment adjudication log 1998-04 FGDC Steering Committee
FGDC-endorsed standard (PDF) 1998 FGDC Steering Committee