Spatial Data Transfer Standard, Part 5: Raster Profile with Basic Image Interchange Format (BIIF) Extension

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U.S. Geological Survey


The objective of this project is to develop a profile of SDTS, through the convergence of the Draft FIPS Part 5 Raster Profile of SDTS, the ISO/IEC Committee Draft 12087-5 Basic Image Interchange Format (BIIF) raster transmission standards, and the GeoTIFF version 1.0 specification. This Raster Profile and Extensions, will expand the applicability of the SDTS raster profile to broaden the utility of the SDTS transfer format, providing a vehicle to enhance data sharing and to reduce redundant data production.


The SDTS Part 5: Raster Profile and Extensions contains specifications of a profile for use with geo-referenced two dimensional raster data, and excludes vector data and three dimensional and higher dimension raster data. It is intended to provide a common transfer format to be used for interchange of raster image and raster grid data among all members of the data producer and user community. This profile is intended to replace the existing Draft FIPS SDTS Part 5: Raster Profile. The SDTS Part 5 Raster Profile and Extensions falls into the "Transfer Standard" type as defined by the FGDC Standards working Group (SWG) Standards Reference Model.

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Subcommittee on Base Cartographic Data (retired)

Project history

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Proposal    1997-06-04  FGDC Standards Working Group 
Comment adjudication log    1998-10-08  FGDC Standards Working Group 
FGDC-endorsed standard    1998  FGDC Steering Committee