FGDC endorses the Real Property Asset Data Standard (RPADS), FGDC-STD-019-2014

About the Real Property Asset Data Standard (RPADS)

The Real Property Asset Data Standard (RPADS) is established within the context of the National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Real Property theme. It defines the essential data needed to identify Real Property Assets (RPAs), including buildings, land parcels, linear structures, and structures. It establishes fundamental definitions for RPAs and provides a minimum set of attributes needed to locate RPAs on a map and identify what the RPA is, with standardized attribute values where appropriate. The data will provide support for federal real property management, homeland security, emergency response, high-performance green buildings management, and other federal government initiatives.

Select Real Property Data Asset Standard, FGDC-STD-019-2014 to download the standard

For more information about RPADS, go to the Real Property Asset Data Standard page.

About the NGDA Real Property Theme 

The NGDA Real Property theme focuses on spatial representation of real property assets only and does not seek to describe special purpose functions of real property such as those found in the Cultural Resources, Transportation, or Utilities themes.  Real property entities typically consist of one or more of the following: unimproved land, a building, a structure, site improvements and the underlying land. Complex real property entities (aka "facilities") are used for a broad spectrum of functions or missions. 

Michel Kareis, michel.kareis@gsa.gov, of the General Services Administration (GSA) is the NGDA Real Property theme lead.