Wetland Mapping Standard

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Maintenance authority

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


The purpose of this standard is to support accurate mapping and classification of wetlands, while ensuring mechanisms for their revisions and update as directed under OMB Circular A-16, Revised. It is designed to direct the current and future digital mapping of wetlands.


The mapping standard will be used for all wetland mapping nationally including Federal Agencies, States, Tribes, especially if that mapping data will be uploaded into NWI/The National Map as a data layer. Specifically, if Federal funding is involved , then use of the proposed Standard is required. For all other efforts, use of the standard is strongly encouraged.

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Wetlands Subcommittee

Project history

Proposal 2006/02 FGDC Standards Working Group
Committee draft 2007/04/03 FGDC Standards Working Group
Public review draft 2007/08/06 FGDC Secretariat
Regulations.gov     2007/11  FGDC Wetlands Subcommittee 
Final draft (. doc) (. pdf)   2008/07  FGDC Standards Working Group 
Public review comments    2008/07  FGDC Standards Working Group 
Final draft   2009/01 FGDC Coordination Group 
FGDC-endorsed standard 2009/07 Fish and Wildlife Service


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