March 20, 2012 FGDC Standards WG meeting


CMECS Implementation Group/Working Group members

Garry Mayer, NOAA
Mark Finkbeiner, NOAA
Giancarlo Cicchetti, EPA
Larry Handley, USGS
Kathy Goodin, NatureServe, PI for the 2011 CAP grant
Chris Madden, NatureServe
Guy Cochrane, USGS
Becky Allee, NOAA

FGDC representatives

Marisa Capriotti, USDA/NRCS
Erik Ebert, NOAA
Robby Wilson, NOAA
Dave Stein, NOAA
Nancy Wright, NOAA
Jacqueline Nolan, Library of Congress
Cynthia Miller-Corbet, USGS
Charley Hickman, USGS
Sean Killen, Fish and Wildlife Service
Gita Urban-Mathieux, FGDC Office of the Secretariat
Julie Maitra, FGDC OS
Kevin Kirby, EPA

Meeting notes

Garry Mayer gave a presentation on the Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard.

Kevin Kirby asked why ISO 19144, Geographic information -- Classification systems, was not identified as a reference.  Reply: ISO 19144 is a mapping standard, while CMECS is not.

Marisa Capriotti had conferred with SMEs from NRCS concerning soils, who recommended minor changes to CMECS.  These changes were not significant enough to prevent the final draft CMECS from going forward for CG approval for FGDC endorsement.  

There were no further issues.

Kevin Kirby moved to recommend that the FGDC endorse CMECS, with the condition that the minor changes for soils be incorporated in the publication version of CMECS, and Jacqueline Nolan seconded the motion.  There were no objections.  The motion was adopted.

The CMECS Implementation Group/Working Group members thanked Julie Maitra for her assistance throughout the standards development process.

ACTION: Julie Maitra will forward the SWG recommendation to endorse the CMECS to the Coordination Group for approval - COMPLETE