April 21, 2011 FGDC Standards Working Group meeting

A meeting of the FGDC Standards Working Group was held April 21, 2011 via teleconference/webinar to consider recommendation of the Federal Trails Data Standard ( final draft) for FGDC endorsement.


David Duran, National Park Service

Helen Scully, National Park Service

Jacquie Nolan, Library of Congress

Ron Salz, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Bill Gibson, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Arizona State Office

Randy Fusaro, U.S. Census Bureau

Anne O’Connor, U.S. Census Bureau

Deb Salt, BLM

Doug Nebert, Federal Geographic Data Committee Office of the Secretariat 

Phil Rufe, U.S. Geological Survey 

Kevin Kirby, Environmental Protection Agency 

Robin Fegeas, U.S. Geological Survey

Jaime Schmidt, U.S. Forest Service

Jonathan Stephens, U.S. Forest Service

Julie Binder Maitra, Federal Geographic Data Committee Office of the Secretariat 

Meeting notes

Members of the Federal Trails Data Standard (FTDS) development team introduced themselves.

Jaime Schmidt directed meeting participants to the FTDS briefing at www.nps.gov/gis/trails and walked through the briefing.  She then walked through a slide presentation ( handout) on development of the FTDS and public review comments.

Kevin Kirby asked about interfaces with non-Federal entities.  Jaime replied that FTDS may be applicable to non-Federal trails and that several non-Federal governmental agencies are using the FTDS.

There were no further comments or questions on the FTDS.  Julie Binder Maitra made a call for a motion to recommend that the FGDC endorse the FTDS.  Randy Fusaro moved to recommend FGDC endorsement of the FTDS, and Kevin Kirby seconded the motion.  There were no objections.  The motion was adopted.  The FGDC Standards Working Group recommendation will be referred to the FGDC Coordination Group, which will vote on approval for FGDC endorsement.