December 11, 2008 meeting of the FGDC Standards Working Group

When Dec 11, 2008
from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Contact Name
Contact Phone (703) 648-4627
Attendees Andy Peavy (Forest Service)
Sharon Shin (FGDC)
Randy Fusaro (Census)
Julie Binder Maitra (FGDC)
Ky Ostergaard (INDUS Corporation)
Kevin Mullane (USACE)
Robin Fegeas (USGS)
Joe Evjen (NOAA National Geodetic Survey)
Bill Wilen (Fish and Wildlife Service)
Rick Pearsall (NGA)
Barry Reff (DHS/FEMA)
JoAnn Mills (National Wetlands Inventory)
Larry Handley (USGS)
Ratt Revold (sp?), Lousiana
Steve Getleiner (USACE)
Ralph Tiner (Fish and Wildlife Service)
Marty McGuire (NOAA)
Barry Reff (DHS)
Eric Linzey (NOAA National Geodetic Survey)
Margarete Heber (EPA)
two others
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PowerPoint presentation

The FGDC Standards WG recommends that the proposal to create a database containing records for standards from the ISO 19100 series of geographic information standards and normative references be referred to the ISO/TC 211 Programme Management Group.  This proposal will be included as an agenda item for the February 2009 meeting of INCITS L1/U.S. TAG.

  • final draft Wetlands Mapping Standard, presented by Margarete Heber (EPA) and Bill Wilen (Fish and Wildlife Service)

The FGDC Standards WG recommends that the FGDC Coordination Group approve the FGDC Wetlands Mapping Standard for FGDC endorsement.  Vote on approval will be put on the agenda of the February 2009 meeting of the FGDC Coordination Group.

  • country codes proposal presented by Rick Pearsall (NGA)
  • NIST issued a notice dated 2008-09-02 that ten FIPS standards were withdrawn, among them FIPS 10-4, which documents two-letter country codes. The proposal is for the Federal government to adopt 3-letter country codes, as specified by ISO 3166. Three-letter country codes allow for reserved codes to extend the set. The FGDC Standards Working Group recommends to the FGDC Coordination Group that agencies inventory existing data assets for the use of country codes to devise a transition plan to 3-letter country codes. In addition to referring this proposal up the FGDC chain to the FGDC Steering Committee, this proposal should also be referred to the CIO Council.


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      Address and directions

      U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

      4401 North Fairfax Drive, Room 200A

      Arlington, VA 22203


      Two blocks west of Ballston Metro on the Orange Line; I-66 westbound exit Glebe Rd (left on Glebe, left on Fairfax, left on Vermont to guardhouse for basement garage), eastbound exit Fairfax Drive (left on Vermont).


      For a parking pass phone please contact Bill Wilen ( or Jo Ann Mills ( Phone 703-358-2161 or 703-358-2430

      Call-in instructions

      Toll-Free Number: 888-469-1054

      PASSCODE: 11159