FGDC Standards Working Group meeting

When Dec 20, 2005
from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where USDA Yates Building
Contact Name
Contact Phone 703 648 4627
Attendees Anne O'Connor
Sam Bacharach
Ed Wells
Kevin Kirby
Robin Fegeas
Jim Horan (call in)
Eric Linzey
David Tart (call in)
Leslie Bearden (call in)
John Kochanowski
Charles Roswell
Doug Nebert
Doug Powell
Ralph Crawford
John Dennis
Carl Anderson
Dave Soller
Bill Tolar
Julie Maitra
Joe Evjen
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Standards Working Group

DRAFT Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

9 AM – Noon ET

USDA Forest Service Yates Building,

201 14th Street, SW

Washington, DC

Time Agenda item Lead

9 AM

Status of FGDC Standards

Julie Binder Maitra


Digital Cartographic Standard for Geologic Map Symbolization, Final Draft

David Soller, USGS

9:45 Street Address Data Standard, Working Draft 2.0 
 Ed Wells, URISA
Carl Anderson, Fulton Co, GA




Procedures for item registration

Charles Roswell, NGA
Doug Nebert, FGDC Secretariat


CY 2006 Schedule; Wrap-up






Ralph Crawford gave a security briefing to attendees.


See list of attendees


FGDC Beta website - Ms. Maitra asked if anyone had browsed the beta website.  Those people who had browsed the beta website thought that its content was better organized and more current than the operational site.

Framework Data Standard - The FGDC Secretariat opened a review of revised parts of the Framework Data Standard and comment ajdudications targeted to people who submitted comments during the CY 2004 public reivew.   The purpose of this review is to determine if reviewers' comments were appropriately adjudicated.  This step is a preliminary step before transferring the Framework Data Standard to INCITS Technical Committee L1, Geographic Information Systems.

Need for reviewers - There will be more FGDC standards activity in CY 2006.   The draft Digital Cartographic Standard for Geologic Map Symbolization will go forward for FGDC endorsement and the draft Street Address Data Standard will go forward for FGDC public review in CY 2006.  In addition, the Wetlands Subcommittee have submitted a proposal for a Wetlands Mapping Standard that will be released for vote at the next SWG meeting. Reviewers are needed to carry out reviews as required by FGDC standards directives.

Digital Cartographic Standard for Geologic Map Symbolization, Final Draft

Dave Soller gave an update on the draft Digital Cartographic Standard for Geologic Map Symbolization.   This draft standard completed FGDC public review in 2000.   After a long hiatus, the Geologic Data Subcommittee resumed work on the draft and produced a final draft for SWG review.

Long-term plans include publishing implementations of this standard in Postscript and ArcGIS format.    Doug Nebert suggested setting up OGC Web Feature Services and implementing the OpenGIS® Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) Implementation Specification (SLD).

Dave also mentioned that a North American Geologic Map Data Model is being developed with counterparts in Canada.   The conceptual model was expressed in UML and XML Schema documents for data interchange are being developed from the UML model.   The XML files will take advantage of GeoSciML, a GML application language for Geoscience being developed by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).

Street Address Data Standard, Working Draft 2.0

Ed Wells gave a comprehensive presentation on the draft Street Address Data Standard, with assistance from Carl Anderson.   FGDC endorsement of the standard is sought by the end of CY 2006.

Working Draft 2.0 is open for review until January 16, 2005.

Future plans include creating a profile of Street Address Data Standard using USPS Publication 28 - Postal Addressing Standards.

Procedures for item registration

Charles Roswell gave a presentation on ISO 19135:2005, Geographic information - Procedures for item registration.   This presentation was arranged as several standards activities had an interest in dynamic registration of data items such as street address data elements, hydrologic unit codes, and vegetation classification schemes.

Doug Nebert recommended adopting ISO 19135:2005, Geographic information - Procedures for item registration as policy.   Implementation guidelines might be documented in a companion workbook.

Kevin Kirby stated that Jean Brodeur had drafted a New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) on registers of formats for geographic point location by coordinates.  This proposal has yet to be entered into the ISO/TC 211 register.

Sam Bacharach noted that a call to vendors for development of registries resulted in no response.   Some attendees suggested that registries might not  be commercially viable.

Robin Fegeas suggested formation of a Registries ad hoc task group as a "next step."   Kevin Kirby, Doug Nebert, Carl Anderson, Charles Roswell, and Robin Fegeas volunteered to participate in a Registries ad hoc task group.

CY 2006 Schedule, Wrap-up

Eric Linzey said that work has resumed on the draft Shoreline Data Standard.
Ms. Maitra thanked Doug Powell and Ralph Crawford for hosting the FGDC Standards Working Group meeting.

The next SWG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8, 2006.