FGDC endorses ISO 19156:2011, Geographic information - Observations & Measurements

ISO 19156:2011 defines a conceptual schema for observations and for features involved in sampling when making observations. It provides models for the exchange of information describing observation acts and their results, both within and between different scientific and technical communities.

Observations commonly involve sampling of an ultimate feature-of-interest. ISO 19156:2011 defines a common set of sampling feature types classified primarily by topological dimension, as well as samples for ex-situ observations. 

The schema includes relationships between sampling features (sub-sampling, derived samples).

ISO 19156:2011 concerns only externally visible interfaces and places no restriction on the underlying implementations other than what is needed to satisfy the interface specifications in the actual situation.  It is equivalent to the OGC® Topic 20: Observations and Measurements abstract specification.

The FGDC Standards Working recommended ISO 19156:2011 for FGDC endorsement.  The FGDC Coordination Group subsequently approved ISO 19156:2011 for FGDC endorsement, and the FGDC Steering Committee took the final action of endorsing ISO 19156:2011, Geographic information - Observations & Measurements.

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