NSDI Community Demonstration Projects - Final Report

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The FGDC together with the National Partnership for Reinventing Government and five Federal agencies conducted the NSDI Community Demonstration Projects between July 1998 and May 2000. This collaborative effort demonstrated the utility of geographic data for community decision making and the role that Federal agencies can play in meeting community information needs. Six communities, reflecting a diversity of geographic areas and community issues were selected for the Demonstration Projects:

  1. Baltimore, Maryland (crime prevention and analysis);
  2. Dane County, Wisconsin (comprehensive land use planning);
  3. Gallatin County, Montana (Smart Growth);
  4. Tillamook County, Oregon (flood mitigation and restoration);
  5. Tijuana River Watershed, San Diego, California (environmental restoration);
  6. Upper Susquehanna-Lackawanna Watershed, Pennsylvania (flood mitigation and environmental management).

This report provides a summary of these project efforts highlighting the challenges faced by the communities, their approaches to dealing with the challenges, lessons learned in the process, and presents recommendations for other organizations thinking of engaging in similar efforts.