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Vegetation Subcommittee FY 06 Report

2006 Summary of Acomplishments

Purpose and responsibilities of the group 
  To develop a process standard for a vegetation classification for existing vegetation to be used by Federal government agencies and their cooperators.

Current Status
–Continual revision of the a 1997 Physiognomic Standard and the development of a floristic vegetation standard.
–Work plan for 2007 is on track and the work plan for 2006 has been completed.

Accomplishments in 2006
–Development of a draft process content vegetation classification standard which combines the revised 1997         Physiognomic Standard and a draft floristic standard.

Emerging Issues
–The development of an implementation plan and funding support.
–Support for travel to face-to-face meetings.

Next Steps
–Brief participating partners and agencies executives of ongoing actions.
–Develop strategies with partner agencies and organizations for implementation support.
–Develop a 5 year budget  to support to completion and implementation of the Standard and implementation plan.
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