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Metadata Working Group 2009 Work Plan

2009 - DRAFT

The Metadata Working Group, MWG, is established under the auspices of the Federal Geographic Data Committee to promote and coordinate geospatial metadata activities among FGDC member agencies, in support of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, and FGDC stakeholders. The MWG promotes metadata awareness among FGDC member agencies on the metadata dimension to geospatial data; to facilitate the evolution and revision of the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM) and migration to the ISO 19115 Geographic Information- Metadata, North American Profile; and to establish a mechanism for the coordination, development, use, sharing, and dissemination of geospatial metadata among FGDC member agencies, as well as State, local, academic, and Tribal agencies and institutions.  The FGDC Metadata Program benefits from sister programs and teams within the FGDC: the Standards Working Group and Program, the Cooperative Agreements Program, the NSDI Training Project, and the FGDC Training and Education Team.  USGS NSDI Liaisons also support the objectives and goals of the MWG and are utilized to promote metadata.  This work plan guides the Group’s activities through the 2009 fiscal year and beyond.


The objective of the Metadata Work Group is to ensure awareness and understanding of the features and benefits of NSDI principles and practices through metadata implementation.  The goal is to continue metadata implementation success at the local, State, Federal, academic, and Tribal levels.

Benefits or Justification/Legal Mandate

OMB Circular A-16 (Revised), Coordination of Geographic Information and Related Spatial Data Activities, August 19, 2002.
Executive Order 12906: Coordinating Geographic Data Acquisition and Access: The National Spatial Data Infrastructure, April 11, 1994. Amended:  Executive Order 13286, March 5, 2003.

Scope of Work

Work Item 1.  Federal, State, local, academic, and Tribal metadata implementation, with emphasis on the North American Profile.

Metadata implementation is approached through many avenues which may include: implementation consulting, training, standards interpretation, publications, websites, etc.  Metadata creation can be challenging because of the, sometimes, subjective nature of the standard.  Many creators question how extensive must the metadata be and what is the most effective manner to create metadata?  These are examples of metadata standard interpretation questions which are handled on an as-needed basis either through telephone or email communications.  Who responds to these questions?  These tasks are performed by FGDC staff, contractors, CAP recipients, and volunteer trainers and other contributors all members of the MWG.  Metadata workshops are held at: dedicated workshop events, workshops in conjunction with conferences, and Internet supported training.  Workshops are often not offered on a set schedule but rather on an as-needed or special case basis.  Publications, which include guidance documents, curriculum, on-line training, development and updates, will continue throughout the FY.

The FGDC Metadata Staff has started a set of training metadata training support materials on the NSDI Training Project website.  Other materials developed under the auspices of the MWG are a joint effort to develop a metadata development guidance suite and other outreach activities at conferences.

MWG Support
The heart of the FGDC metadata program is the training and education portion of workgroup. Multiple teleconference calls are held each year, minimally three and optimally four. Routinely 25-30 people call in for each meeting for briefings on FGDC metadata activities and conclude with reports from the callers on their metadata related activities.  The current Cooperative Agreement Program’s awardees are included in the meetings. This MWG is comprised of metadata trainers throughout the US geospatial community in Federal, State, local, academic, NGO, private, and Tribe.  This MWG is the distributed training, materials development and materials review resource for the FGDC metadata program.  Because of this responsibility, this subgroup is requested to attend conference calls for program updates.  The education and training portion of the working group contributed to the development of the North American Profile and will contribute to NAP guidance and implementation materials.  They will be called upon to contribute to the development of the NAP-Feature Catalog and ISO 19115 Geographic Information – Metadata’s five year review.  

Agency management participation reporting on metadata policy is requested.  If/when an agency establishes/updates metadata policy; information is requested by the MWG lead to report and support metadata implementation.  These agencies are examples of leaders in metadata implementation. Participation at the quarterly call may be in person or though a report.  

The International Standards subgroup is comprised of FGDC staff and MWG members who review and respond to information and project calls by ANSI on ISO standards.  These MWG member’s agencies are members of ANSI or are INCITs L1 “Friends of the Committee.”  


Milestones, Schedule, and Budget 
The Group activities listed are funded through FGDC project proposals.   Progress on the work items and milestones listed below will be reported at each working group meeting and through annual NSDI reports.    


Implementation Plan






Metadata Implementation,

Workshops in conjunction with established events


MWG lead and contractor

Volunteers from CG agencies, CAP recipients, MWG,

NSGIC or other state and local parties

2009- Three or more workshops by FGDC contractor

US National Profile guidance and implementation materials: Guidance document and Graphic Representation


MWG lead and contractor

MWG volunteers to work on content.

MWG lead and contractor under FGDC budget

Metadata presentations at conferences

Continuing throughout the year

MWG lead and contractor

CAP recipients, ppts provided to others to present without FGDC funding

MWG lead and contractor under FGDC budget

Others: CAP award

Methodology for Feature Cataloging

Continuing to 2011

MWG lead and contractor

Volunteers from MWG

MWG lead and contractor under FGDC budget

IS0 19115 – 5 year review

Continuing to 2011

MWG lead and contractor

Volunteers from MWG

MWG lead and contractor under FGDC budget

MWG Conference Calls

Continuing 3 – 4 times per year

MWG lead and contractor, and

MWG members

MWG lead and contractor under FGDC budget


Performance Indicators

  • Minimum of three FGDC sponsored (metadata) workshops held in performance year ’09. 
  • US North American Profile NSDI Training Project materials outlined and scoped by end of 3rd quarter 2009.   Posted to NSDI Training Project by 4th quarter 2009
  • US National Profile implementation materials outlined and partially developed by 2009: Guidance document and graphic representation.


Identification of funding sources or requests

            FGDC budget proposals submitted September 2008. 

Points of Contact, Contact Info, and Area of Responsibility
Working Group Chair:                  
(Ms) Sharon Shin
Metadata Coordinator
Federal Geographic Data Committee             
P.O. Box 25046 MS 302
Telephone:  303-202-4230         Fax: 303-202-4219

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