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Historical Data Working Group 06 Work Plan


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Working Group: Historical Data Committee 

Background: Worked last fiscal year on broadening community knowledge of efforts to preserve GIS data in perpetuity. 

Objectives: Determine the strengths and weaknesses of preserving GIS data in GML v.3 format. 

Benefits or Justification/Legal Mandate: Establishes viability of nonproprietary format for preserving GIS data over the long term. 

Scope of Work: Create Wiki website for population of data table that documents the GML schema, its design, vendor support, and learning experiences discovered using the various schema. 

Milestones, Schedule, and Budget   


Form 3 person team to identify and establish Wiki site

By October 31

Brett Abrams



Mete out responsibilities for populating data table at Wiki site

By November 30

Steve Morris




Populate table with known GML schema types

By February 15




Contact vendors regarding potential demonstrations of products

Between March 1 and June 15




Potential to begin tests of GML schemas

By July 31




Draft results summary

By 9/15








Identification of funding sources or requests



Points of Contact, Contact Info, and Area of Responsibility

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2006 11:18 AM
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