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Geospatial Enterprise Architecture Working Group FY 07 Work Plan

U.S. Geological Survey                                                 Co-Lead with EPA


The Geospatial Community of Practice was convened through the request of the Architecture and Infrastructure Committee of the CIO Council and FGDC to develop guidance known as the “Geospatial Profile of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA).” Version 1 of the Geospatial Profile was published in January 2006 to provide agency architects and business planners with information about how to integrate standard geospatial practices into agency business practices. 


  • To improve the understanding and integration of geospatial concepts by mainstream governmental business planners and technical practitioners through varied outreach mechanisms
  • To continue development and refinement of the FEA Geospatial Profile, its annexes, and accompanying documents

Benefits or Justification/Legal Mandate 

Anticipated benefits include improved alignment of government activites with regard to applying geospatial capabilities in the context of the FEA Reference Models: business, data, technology, service components, and performance. Supports goals of the Geospatial Line of Business. 

Scope of Work 

The Working Group, through the Community of Practice, the co-leads at USGS and EPA, and the participants from across government will produce a Version 2.0 Geospatial Profile document during FY 2007. This document will be reviewed and approved by the CIO Council AIC and the FGDC Coordination Group. The Working Group will also investigate alternative outreach methods to improve and expand understanding and adoption of common geospatial practices in government. 

Milestones, Schedule, and Budget   

  • Production of draft Geospatial Profile Version 2.0 document for initial review by the Geospatial Community of Practice. (estimated December 2006)
  • Submission of draft Profile document to AIC and FGDC for review and comment (est. February 2007)
  • Adjudication and editing of comments on the Profile document (est. March 2007)
  • Release of Version 2.0 of the Geospatial Profile (est April 2007) 

Points of Contact, Contact Info (co-chairs)

Douglas Nebert
FGDC Secretariat
(703) 648-4151 

Wendy Blake-Coleman
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(202) 566-1709


Last Updated: Nov 22, 2006 03:50 PM
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