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Federal Geodetic Control Subcommittee FY 07 Work Plan


Agency Name:  NOAA/National Geodetic Survey  Lead:  Dave Zilkoski

Subcommittee:  Federal Geodetic Control Subcommittee

Background:  The Federal Geodetic Control Subcommittee (FGCS) of the Federal Geographic Data Committee exercises government-wide leadership in coordinating the planning and execution of geodetic surveys, in developing standards and specifications for these surveys, and in the exchange of geodetic survey data and technical information. FGCS coordinates Federal agencies' aspects of surveying that are governmental responsibilities. These responsibilities include standards setting, testing new geodetic instrumentation and operational systems, coordination of user agency requirements, and dissemination of government data to user agencies.

Objectives:  Reconstitute FGCS
Justification/Legal Mandate:
  OMB A-16, revised, states that DOC/NOAA is responsible for Geodetic Control.  Geodetic control provides a common reference system for establishing coordinates for all geographic data. All NSDI framework data and users' applications data require geodetic control to accurately register spatial data. The National Spatial Reference System is the fundamental geodetic control for the United States.
Benefits: Coordination of government offices to address disaster preparedness and response
Scope of Work:  Reconvene FGCS and develop current workplan

Milestones, Schedule, and Budget 

Contact members on current representative table in order to ensure availability; extend invitations to other agencies not on original list By November 30 Joe Evjen   None
Address current 5 workgroup leaders to determine if workgroups should continue By November 30 Joe Evjen   None
Schedule FGCS meeting and workshop for January or February 2007 By October 30 By October 30  Eric LinzeyNancy Doyle 
Convene FGCS meeting/workshopJanuary/February 2007Nancy DoyleJoe Evjen/
Eric Linzey
 Draft workplan for FY07 and beyond By March 30 Nancy Doyle FGCS  None

Performance Indicators: 
$ Updated FGCS Representative table
$ Updated list of FGCS Workgroups and members thereof
$ FGCS meeting scheduled and held
$ Workplan available for distribution

Identification of funding sources or requests:  NGS

Points of Contact 
Dave Zilkoski 301 713 3222 x141 Chair FGCS
Nancy Doyle 301 713 3230 x148 Secretariat, FGCS
Joe. Evjen 301 713 3194 x109 Methodology Chair
Eric Linzey 301 713 3198 x120 GIS Team Lead

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2006 04:52 PM
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