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Cadastral Subcommittee FY 06 Work Plan


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1. Develop priority business data profiles for Cadastral Data based upon National and WGA priorities
2. Determine the status of parcel conversion to facilitate a national implementation strategy
3. Maintain the Cadastral Data Content Standard and guidelines
4. Promote the adoption of national standards by state and local governments
5. Revise eastern, western, and national strategies for supporting the NSDI
6. Provide technical assistance for implementing NSDI standards and guidelines
7. Coordinate cadastral activities among stakeholders and interested parties

Benefits or Justification/Legal Mandate:
OMB Circular A-16, Presidential E-Gov Initiative, Western Governors’ Association policies related to cadastral data and priority mission programs (e.g., energy, wildland fire, emergency response, etc.).

Scope of Work
The scope of work for the Cadastral Theme will include the developing data profiles of the Cadastral Data Content Standard to support specific business needs and the documentation of best practices for collaborative data stewardship,
standardization (content and position) and publication. Information will be assembled through pilot projects as well as the research of success stories. In addition, the inventory of cadastral data in a GIS compatible form and compliance with standards/guidelines and profiles (such as availability of the data support wildland fire applications) will be updated. Technical assistance related to the implementation of the Cadastral Data Content Standard will be provided to states, counties, federal agencies and tribal governments per request. One meeting of the FGDC Subcommittee for Cadastral Data in planned for 2006, and membership will be updated as necessary. Meetings of the Western and Eastern Working
Groups may also be needed but are not currently planned. For updates to the Subcommittee work plan and to keep current on all activities and progress check the Subcommittee website at
Milestones, Schedule and Budget:
Schedules are difficult to determine because every action requires collaboration and partnership. The time and commitment of others outside of the BLM are difficult to predict. Therefore, schedules are left To Be Determined (TBD). Currently, the Subcommittee does not currently have a budget for 2006, which makes the budget difficult to determine.

Action Date Who? Others? Budget
Hold workshop for energy development and document the cadastral data profile for energy business needs. TBD Bob Ader and Western Steering Committee Local, State, Federal, Private Industry $15,000
Complete the data profile for facilitating the exchange of data for Geospatial OneStop (ANSI Standard) TBD by FGDC Bob Ader MAT and Editing Team ??
Convene Subcommittee review and revise membership  TBD Subcommittee Local Representatives and topical area experts $ 5,000
Update the national  inventory for cadastral data and contacts (local, state, federal – including properties held by the Department of Defense) TBD Eastern and Western Steering Committees and Bob Ader NaCO, WGA, NSGIC, ??
Update the national inventory of cadastral data for supporting wildland fire applications (western states), identify critical areas for implementation TBD Bob Ader WGA GI Council, NSGIC, other federal agencies ??
Maintain and update the Cadastral Data Content Standard, implementation strategies and guidelines for vertical integration collaborative data stewardship and publication Ongoing Bob Ader Subcommittee, Public ??
Provide technical assistance to states and counties for implementing the Cadastral Data Content Standard and guidelines Ongoing Bob Ader Contract ??

Performance Indicators Products:
Report on the Energy Community’s use of cadastral data related to business processes
Published data profile for Energy Applications
Completed data profile for facilitating data exchange (meet Geospatial Onestop Schedule)
Updated information on the status of cadastral data and contacts (nationwide local, state and federal), published on
Update of the status of cadastral data in the western states for supporting wildland fire applications
Published updates for the Cadastral Data Content Standard
Updated guideline for publishing cadastral data in support of the NSDI
Updated guidance for collaborative data stewardship of cadastral data for the NSDI

Points of Contact:
Robert Ader
2850 Youngfield Street
Lakewood, CO 80215
Phone (303) 239-3817



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