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May Steering Committee Meeting Attendees

Acting Chair:  Jim Cason, DOI 

Co-Chair:  Karen Evans, OMB 

Federal Members: 

Office of Management and Budget – Rebecca Ferguson
Department of Agriculture – Dennis Crow for Chris Niedermayer
Department of Commerce – Joseph Klimavicz
Department of Defense - M.K. Miles (USACE), Mark DeMulder (NGA)
Department of Education - Tai Phan for Mark Schneider
Department of Energy – David Morehouse for Tom Pyke
Department of Health and Human Services – Mary Forbes
Department of Housing and Urban Development – David Chase and Jon Sperling for Darlene F. Williams
Department of Justice – Lew Sanford for Vance Hitch
Department of Labor - Daniel Murphy, BLS for Ceasar De Guzman
Department of Transportation – Steven Dillingham
Department of the Treasury – Desryn Duncan
Department of Veterans Affairs – Dat Tran for Patrick W. Dunne
Environmental Protection Agency – Matt Leopard for Molly A. O’Neill
General Services Administration - Reggie Gavett for Diane L. Herdt
Library of Congress – John Hebert
National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Teresa Fryberger
National Archives and Records Administration – Brett Abrams for Michael J. Kurtz
National Science Foundation – Cliff Jacobs for Jarvis Moyers
Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Stuart Reiter for Jacqueline E. Silber
Tennessee Valley Authority – Roy Teal

Other Organizations: 

American Congress on Surveying and Mapping – Rebecca Sommers
National Association of Counties – Pedro E. Flores for Randy Johnson
National States Geographic Information Council –Tony Spicci for Stu Davis
University Consortium for Geographic Information Science - Allan Falconer
Western Governors' Association –Dennis Goreham

FGDC Secretariat: 

Alan Stevens, FGDC
Alison Dishman, FGDC
Billy Tolar, FGDC
Bonnie Gallahan, FGDC
Doug Nebert, FGDC
Ivan DeLoatch, FGDC
Gita Urban-Mathieux, FGDC
Leslie Armstrong, FGDC
Milo Robinson, FGDC
Vaishal Sheth, FGDC

Coordination Group and Others:  

Bill Burgess, NSGIC
Bob Bewley, BLM
Bob Harding, GSA
Bruce Washington, DOE
Carol Brandt, USDOT
Curt Sumner, ACSM
Dan Cotter, DHS
Dennis Crow, USDA – OCIO
Doug Vandegraft, FWS
Jessica Hartman, Grant Thornton
John D’Alessandro, GSA
John Mahoney, USGS
William Mullen, USGS
John Moeller, Northrop Grumman / GITA
John Palatiello, MAPPS
Joshua Kriger, Grant Thornton
Julius Knapp, FCC
Karen Siderelis, USGS
Lee Farhner, SE Solutions
Leonard Gore, Jr., DOI – BLM
Lynda Wayne, Geomaxim
Marisa Capriotti, USDA – NRCS
Michael Lee, USGS / DHS
Randall Turner, Office of the Sec. Defense
Randy Fusaro, US Census Bureau
Rebecca Ferguson, OMB
Rob Dollison, USGS/GOS
Roxanne Lamb, USGS
Sam Wear, USGS / IPA
Shirley Hall, USDA – FSA
Suzanne Acar, DOI
Tony LaVoi, NOAA
Tricia Gibbons, LEAD Alliance
Wayne Maresch, USDA – NRCS
Wendy Blake-Coleman, EPA
Zolt Nagy, NSGIC

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