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Metadata Trainers: Kristine Kuhlman


Variable. Can provide 1 hour, 1/2 day, one or two day workshops, depending on focus.

Client covers travel, time, and helps coordinate local facility. Workshop fee: sliding scale. Workshop includes materials (i.e. software CD and workbook).

MetaLite 1.7.5 software in English and Spanish. NOAA's ArcView Metadata Collector v2.0. Also use MetaScan metadata display button in ArcView. Others upon request.

English/Spanish/Portañol. Federal, regional, state, and local level adoption and implementation. Natural Resources Management.


Continue working with Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil to document data for a tri-national GIS clearinghouse pilot project for the Pantanal ecoregion.
MetaLite 1.7.5 and Metadata for Managers training. (Asunción, Paraguay & Corumbá, Brazil)
USAID/Bolivia contract to inventory and document in-house data holdings. Coordinated with USGS to set up USAID/Bolivia's clearinghouse node.
As part of a NSDI framework demonstration C-CAP grant, developed a 3-level user-defined approach with federal, state, regional, county, and municipal levels of government in Maryland. Continued working with the Chesapeake Bay Information Management group (CIMS) to adopt and implement level-one metadata and develop an on-line tool using the UMBC's level-one metadata.

Limitations: None.

Contact Information:
email for APO address
La Paz, Bolivia
phone: +591.2.2710509
mobile: 715.76916
fax: 591.2.2710509

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2011 04:18 PM
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