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Metadata Trainers: Jessica Zichichi

Provides basic and advanced metadata training using ESRI software products and the EPA Metadata Editor (EME).  The workshop includes an introduction to the concepts and principles regarding metadata creation as well as its role in providing both quality data documentation and facilitating sharing.  Topics include the value of metadata, CSDGM sections, the relationship between the CSDGM and the North American Profile of the ISO 19115/19139, the use of ESRI and EPA metadata tools, organizing and prioritizing data, the role of metadata templates, and metadata life cycle management.  Hands-on metadata creation and validation options are provided, and participants develop their own templates for their organizations.  An introduction to the use of metadata in exchange efforts is covered, including the role of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and Geospatial One Stop (GOS).

EPA Metadata Editor (EME)
Text Editor
mp, cns

Some training supported by FGDC
Others - fee and facility


Workshops are typically designed as one day events but content is regularly expanded or reduced to meet specific client needs.  Web-based instruction is an option for multiple parties in distributed locations.




Federal Government
State Government
Coastal Management
Environmental Resources Management


Metadata Training for numerous federal, state, and private organizations

Limitations: None

Contact Information:
15008 Saddle Creek Dr
Valley Center, CA 92082
Organization: Innovate!, Inc
Phone: 774.487.0445

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2011 04:26 PM
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