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Metadata Trainers: John Bocchino



1 day mandatory. (2nd day optional for outside agencies utilizing their data).


In addition to learning about basic metadata, standard and clearinghouse concepts, participants get hands-on experience with creating metadata and searching a clearinghouse for data through metadata.

Costs: Free of charge


ArcCatalog is utilized in the class. Assisstance is available for other tools.

Disciplines: State government (environmental)

Disciplines: State government (environmental)


Since participating in the FGDC's "Train the Trainer" program in February 2000, I have created a customized metadata training course called "Creating Metadata with ArcCatalog" and presently conduct at least one metadata class per month for DEP employees. Working with the NJ Office of GIS, we also offer this class to other public and private institutions where we conduct approx. 5-6 classes per year. I also participate in numerous USGS/NBII training programs and seminars whenever possible. I have been dealing with metadata related issues on a daily basis since December 1999.

Limitations: New Jersey and surrounding states.

Contact Information:
401 East State Street, Box 428
Trenton, NJ 08625
organization: NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection
phone: 609.633.2668
fax: 609.292.7900

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2006 05:47 PM
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