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Metadata Trainers: Helena Schaefer


Duration: 1 hr, 1/2 day, 1 day, 2 day

Basic Metadata - focus on the CSDGM, using available freeware to generate metadata. Intended audience - those interested in creating metadata for all types of data sets.
Metadata Introduction - a brief overview of the history and structure of the metadata standard. Intended audience - those unfamiliar with metadata.
NBII Biological Profile for CSDGM - focus on the biological profile. Intended audience - those within biological/environmental disciplines.

Travel costs if out of state.
Materials cost (to reproduce handouts and training manual).
Computer facility available at the trainer's location.

Metamaker 2.3
Text Editor

Environmental and biological
Federal and state

Basic Metadata Workshop, NWRC/BIC, Lafayette LA, Sept 1998
Basic Metadata Workshop, NGCWPPI, Lafayette LA, Sept 1999
Metadata Half-day Workshop, SAFWA, Greensboro NC, Nov 1999
Metadata Introduction, ULL, Lafayette LA, March 2000
Basic Metadata Workshop, Eglin AFB, Niceville FL, May 2000
Biological Profile Workshop, SCCWRP, Westminster CA, Jan 2001
Biological Profile Workshop, USGS/IABIN, Miami FL, Jan 2001
Metadata Introduction, ULL, Lafayette LA, Feb 2001
Train individuals within NWRC as needed.
Represented NBII in international matters involving metadata standards (IABIN and Yellowstone 2 Yukon Initiative).

Limitations: None

Contact Information:
700 Cajundome Blvd
Lafayette, LA 70506
organization: USGS National Wetlands Research Center
phone: 337.266.8696
fax: 337.266.8616

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