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Metadata Trainers: George Lienkaemper


Duration: The workshop typically runs for 1 day or a day and a half.

The workshop includes documenting tabular and/or gis data sets using the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Biological Metadata Profile in a 1½ day, hands-on workshop. Data owners, data set developers, and metadata providers will benefit from examining the structure of the metadata standard and entering information into the specific elements of each section. The focus of the workshop is an understanding of the metadata standard, but other topics will include the metadata clearinghouse, metadata development tools and strategies for metadata production. The workshop alternates between lecture and hands-on exercises using either the ESRI ArcCatalog metadata editor (Biological elements are added using TKME) or SMMS. Attendees are encouraged to document one of their own datasets by preparing responses to questions contained in a metadata collection guide distributed prior to the workshop. A sample data set is available.

There is no fee for the workshop or for materials. The client covers all travel costs, reserves a training facility, and advertises the workshop.

Primarily I teach the metadata standard using the ESRI ArcCatalog metadata editor. Biological Data Profile elements are added using TKME. I can also use the SMMS metadata editing software to teach the standard.

Disciplines: Ecosystem research, GIS, Biological Profile

I have been teaching metadata workshops since 1999.
12/2004 Bonneville Power Administration Portland, OR
12/2004 US Fish and Wildlife Service Portland, OR
9/2004 USGS/National Park Service Flagstaff, AZ (2 workshops)
6/2004 Monterey and Napa County Monterey, CA
5/2004 US Fish and Wildlife Service Corvallis, OR
4/2004 NBII Seattle, WA
2/2004 Washington Geog Info Council Olympia, WA
12/2003 USGS FRESC Boise, ID
7/2003 USGS FRESC Corvallis, OR
6/2003 Natural Resources Canada Ottawa, Canada
3/2003 NPS Yosemite/Kings Canyon Fresno, CA
3/2003 US Fish and Wildlife Service Portland, OR (2 workshops)
12/2002 NPS Mojave Network Boulder City, NV
11/2002 NPS Klamath Network Ashland, OR
11/2002 CFER (OSU) Corvallis, OR
6/2002 NPS SF Bay Network San Francisco, CA (2 workshops)
6/2002 NPS Lake Mead/Zion Boulder City, NV
2/2002 NPS N. Coast /Cascades Network Seattle, WA
11/2001 NACSE (OSU) Corvallis, OR
11/2000 NPS Lake Mead NRA Boulder City, NV
6/1999 USGS Colorado Plateau FS Flagstaff, AZ

Limitations: Generally, the western US and within Department of Interior

Contact Information:
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97330
organization: USGS
phone: 541.750.7343
fax: 541.752.1437

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