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Metadata Trainers: Amy Budge



    Introductory, overview classes can be conducted for a large audience and usually last 3/4 to a full day. "Hands-on" workshops are usually 1 1/2 days, but can be trimmed to 1 day. Size of class is limited to 12 people.

    Workshops can be tailored to an individual's or organization's needs, such as metadata tools, types of data sets, etc.

    Travel costs and personnel time are the responsibility of the attendee. A nominal workshop fee is usually charged to cover the cost of materials. Most workshops are conducted at facilities that donate the space and equipment. Some workshops can be conducted onsite to save travel costs for attendees.

    NBII Metamaker
    NOAA ArcView Metadata Collector
    Others on request.

    Natural Resources

    Lead/NM Office of the State Engineer/Santa Fe, NM/June 14, 2001 Lead/Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute/Albuquerque, NM/November 5, 2001
    Lead/Colorado Dept of Natural Resources/Ft. Collins, CO/January 8, 1998
    Lead/State Historic Preservation Offices/Albuquerque, NM/January 14-15, 1998
    Lead/Arizona State Agencies/Phoenix, AZ/January 20-21, 1998
    Lead/New Mexico Geographic Information Council/Albuquerque, NM/April 16, 1998
    Lead/NM Natural Heritage Program/Albuquerque, NM/December 15-16, 1998
    Lead/E-911 County Officials/Albuquerque, NM/July 22, 1999
    Team member/National Park Service/Grants, NM/August 17-18, 1999
    Lead/Counties and small towns/Farmington, NM/March 28-29, 2000
    Lead/Counties and small towns/Albuquerque, NM/April 4-5, 2000
    Lead/Counties and small towns/Las Cruces, NM/May 17-18, 2000
    Lead/Counties and small towns/Albuquerque, NM/August 8-9, 2000
    Lead/US Forest Service/Albuquerque, NM/August 15-16, 2000

    Rocky Mountain West
    Southwest US

Contact Information:
Bandelier West, Room 111
Albuquerque, NM 87131-6031
organization: Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico
phone: 505.277.3622 ext 231
fax: 505.277.3614
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2006 05:47 PM
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