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April 3 Coordination Group Action Items

Action 1:  Bill Wilen will ask SLAMM sea-level rise modelers what they need from FGDC Subcommittees.  

Action 2:  Gita Urban-Mathieux will post the 2000 study regarding CAP lessons learned.  

Action 3:  Gita Urban-Mathieux will look into having the 50 States CAP grant on a separate, earlier timeframe than the other grants to give the awardees time to plan for the NSGIC midyear conference. 

Action 4: Gita Urban-Mathieux will provide the agencies information on the proper channels to go through when contributing to the CAP grant funds.  

Action 5:  John Mahoney will invite Toni Johnson to speak to the CG about the Advisory Committee for Water Information’s (FACA) lessons learned. 

Action 6:  John Mahoney will provide Mark DeMulder background information regarding the National Geospatial Advisory Committee. 

Action 7:  Please send comments or suggestions on the Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP) criteria to 

Action 8:  Randy Fusaro will notify the CG when the proposal criteria for the PSAP are published in the Federal Register

***Note:  The proposed criteria for the 2010 Census Participant Statistical Areas (PSAP) were published in the Federal Register on April 6, 2007 for public review and comment. 

Listed in the Federal Register as:  fr06ap07N Census Tract Program for the 2010 Census--Proposed Criteria

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