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Researching Federal Agencies Template

  • Identify agencies within your department
  • Explain relative size & power of agencies/department
  • Provide size of annual budget
  • Describe dynamics among the agencies
  • Report which agencies use or produce geospatial data
  • Describe senior management awareness of GIS
  • Provide anything else we should know about your agency


Operational Definitions of Interviewees

Policy Leadership

  • Strategic planning
  • Priority setting by mission or vision
  • Program direction

Management Leadership

  • Program development and budget formulation
  • Staffing issues
  • Funding issues

Program Management

  • Project oversight and leadership
  • Contracts and partnerships formulation
  • Budget execution

Technical People

  • Creation or capture data
  • Assessment of data for accuracy, completeness, standards compliance, etc.
  • Integration and analysis of data (GIS)

Data Stewards

  • Data base management
  • Upkeep of metadata records
  • Removal and replacement of corrupt, inaccurate or substandard data

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