Digitizing Historical Maps and Charts

FilePaper related to accuracy of digitizalization of maps
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FileHarpers Ferry NPS Activities
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Electronic Cultural Atlas Inititiative
under the Dean of International and Area Studies (IAS) at the University of California, Berkeley, acts as the central coordinating body for ECAI. Located in 310 Dwinelle Hall and 2225B Hearst Street, ECAI Central holds records of members and affiliated projects, coordinates conferences, conducts fundraising, manages finances, oversees the ECAI Information Technology architecture, and maintains the ECAI Website.
Alexandria Digital Library
The Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) is a distributed digital library with collections of georeferenced materials. ADL includes the operational library, with various nodes and collections, and the research program through which digital library architectures, gazetteer applications, educational applications, and software components are modeled, prototyped, and evaluated. ADL provides HTML clients to access its collections and gazetteer, and provides specific information management tools, such as the Feature Type Thesaurus for classing types of geographic features, as well as downloadable software code.