Cadastral SC Updates to Coordination Group

PLSS CadNSDI Dataset Availability - November 2021

This document contains a table that provides a link to the zipped file geodatabase containing the PLSS CadNSDI for the state and if available, the link to the data steward where the PLSS CadNSDI is available.

PDF document icon plss-cadnsdi-dataset-availability.pdf — PDF document, 119 kB (122421 bytes)

Cadastral SC Update to CG, July 2015

Office Powerpoint 2007 XML presentation icon cadastrac-sc-update-cg-20150714.pptx — Office Powerpoint 2007 XML presentation, 550 kB (563398 bytes)

Cadastral SC Update to CG - Jan 2012

Microsoft PowerPoint presentation icon cadastral-subcommitte-update-cg-20120110.ppt — Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, 369 kB (377856 bytes)

Cadastral SC Update to CG - May 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint presentation icon cadastral-sc-update--cg-20100511.ppt — Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, 270 kB (276480 bytes)