Steering Committee Members

andrea Travnicek

Acting Chair, FGDC Steering Committee
Acting Assistant Secretary for Water & Science, Department of the Interior


Jamie Huang

Vice Chair, FGDC Steering Committee
Office of Management and Budget

Ms. Huang joined the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in 2014 as a policy analyst from the private sector. She possesses management, monitoring, and evaluation skills with training in qualitative and quantitative analysis (database operation: STATA, ArcGIS). She received her bachelor of science degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She completed her master in public policy and master of arts in Middle Eastern Studies dual degree from the University of Chicago.


Designated Senior Agency Officials for Geospatial Information

Everett Hinkley

USDA EGMO and Acting Geospatial Information Officer, Farm Service Agency
Department of Agriculture


Tony LaVoi

Geospatial Information Officer, NOAA
Department of Commerce



National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense


Larry McCallister*

Regional Business Director, South Atlantic Division 
United States Army Corps of Engineers


Peggy Carr

Geospatial Information Officer, National Center for Education Statistics
Department of Education



Department of Energy


Cynthia Colton

Office of the Chief Information Officer
Department of Health and Human Services


Luke McCormack

Chief Information Officer

Department of Homeland Security


Ted Payne

Program Monitoring and Research Division Director
Department of Housing and Urban Development


Thomas Dabolt

Geographic Information Officer
Department of the Interior


Joseph Klimavicz

Chief Information Officer
Department of Justice


Chad Hancher

Department of Labor


Cecelia Henderson

Information Resource Management
Department of State



Department of Transportation


Jimmy Amoako-Atta

Program Specialist

Department of the Treasury


Susan Sullivan

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Data Governance and Analytics
Department of Veterans Affairs


Harvey Simon

Acting Geospatial Information Officer
Environmental Protection Agency


Julius Knapp*

Deputy Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology
Federal Communications Commission (non-voting member)


Carolyn Austin-Diggs

Principal Deputy to the Deputy Associate Administrator
General Services Administration



Paulette Hasier

Chief, Geography and Map Division
Library of Congress



National Aeronautics and Space Administration



National Archives and Records Administration


Vacant *

National Capital Planning Commission



National Science Foundation


Darren Ash

Deputy Executive Director for Information Services and Chief Information Officer
Nuclear Regulatory Commission



Office of Personnel Management


Maria Roat

Chief Information Officer
Small Business Administration


W. Lee Robertson

Associate Director, Geospatial Information Division
Smithsonian Institution


Lester Diamond

DAC for SSA Office of Enterprise Support, Architecture and Engineering
Social Security Administration


Tiffany Gibby

Manager, GIS & Mapping
Tennessee Valley Authority


Carrie Stokes

Geospatial Information Technology Advisor
U.S. Agency for International Development

* indicates non voting member