October 24 FGDC Steering Committee Actions

Action:  Please contact Rebecca Ferguson (OMB) regarding any changes to your agency’s designation of the Senior Agency Official for Geospatial Information (SAOGI).   (rferguson@omb.eop.gov, 202.395.0346) 

Action: Jim Cason will convene an Imagery for the Nation (IFTN) Executive Committee meeting to determine next steps on the IFTN initiative, including an evaluation of the four alternative funding options suggested in the IFTN Cost Benefit Analysis. 

Action:  Ivan will communicate to the Geospatial Line of Business Task Force (TF) members the working groups where agency representation is needed - including the level, skill set, and time requirements. 

Action:  Please send John Mahoney (jmahoney@usgs.gov) suggestions on issues to be brought before the National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC) -- for example, agency responsibilities pursuant to OMB Circular A-16. 

Action:  The FGDC Steering Committee will be notified via email when the National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC) selections are made official. 

Action:  Upcoming Steering Committee presentations on agency efforts to geoenable their business to provide greater efficiency (with a focus on human geography), will include:  Randy Fusaro – Census geospatial database; David LaBranche -- DoD’s real property asset management; Dennis Crow -- USDA’s rural development business processes; and David Paschane -- VA tracking health care and economics.