October 23 Steering Committee Meeting attendees

Acting Chair:  Tom Weimer, DOI

Co-Chair:  Karen Evans, OMB 

Federal Members:

Office of Management and Budget – Stacie Boyd
Department of Agriculture – Dennis Crow for Dave Combs
Department of Commerce – Dave Zilkoski for Barry West
Department of Defense - James Jancaitis (NGA), Nancy Blyler for Donald Basham (USACE)
Department of Education - Tai Pham for Mark Schneider
Department of Energy – David Morehouse for Tom Pyke
Department of Homeland Security – Dan Cotter for Scott Charbo
Department of Housing and Urban Development – Darlene F. Williams
Department of the Interior – Tim Petty for Mark Limbaugh
Department of Justice – Bill Burdett for Vance Hitch
Department of Transportation – John Bobo
Department of Treasury – Carolyn Austin Diggs
Environmental Protection Agency – Wendy Blake-Coleman for Linda Travers
Federal Communications Commission - Julius Knapp
General Services Administration - Diane Herdt
National Aeronautics and Space Administration – Myra Bambacus
National Archives and Records Administration – Michael J. Kurtz
National Science Foundation – Tom Spence for Margaret Leinen
Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Stuart Reiter for Jacqueline Silber
Tennessee Valley Authority – Roy Teal 

Other Organizations:

American Congress on Surveying and Mapping – Rebecca Sommers
Geospatial Information & Technology Association – Robert Austin
National Association of Counties – Pedro E. Flores for Randy Johnson
National States Geographic Information Council –Tony Spicci, Bill Burgess, Stu Davis
University Consortium for Geographic Information Science – Alan Falconer for Nina Lam
Western Governors' Association – Cy Smith 

FGDC Secretariat:

Ivan DeLoatch, FGDC
Leslie Armstrong, FGDC
Alison Dishman, FGDC
Alan Stevens, FGDC
Gita Urban-Mathieux, FGDC
Doug Nebert, FGDC
Vaishal Sheth, FGDC 

Coordination Group and Others:

Randy Fusaro, DOC/Census
Nancy Doyle, DOC/NOAA
Suzanne Acar, DOI
Mario Lopez-Gomez, DOJ
Craig Hooks, EPA
Donald Draper Campbell, FCC
Bill Willen, FWS
Robert Dollison, GOS
Bob Harding, GSA
Jean Pao, HUD
Jon Sperling, HUD
Brett Abrams, NARA
Ann Frazier, National Research Council
Chuck Williams, OSD/DOD
John D’Alessandro, PBS/CIO
Alan Voss, TVA Retired
Carol Brandt, USDOT
Betsy Kanalley, USFS
Ralph Crawford, USFS
John Mahoney, USGS
Roxanne Lamb, USGS
Pat Phillips, USGS
Ann Liberatore, USGS
Karen Siderelis, USGS
David Paschane, VA