May 23 FGDC Steering Committee actions

Action:  Karen Evans will confer with the general counsel’s office to determine what past budget information OMB may release and what information must be released by the agencies themselves.  

Action:  Please get the word out to your geospatial partners and stakeholders to get a good set of nominations for the National Geospatial Advisory Committee. 

Action:  If you have an interest in participating on the National Geospatial Advisory Committee review panel please contact John Mahoney ( 

Action:  Jim Cason will discuss with Lynn Scarlett the issues of federal membership and voting on the National Geospatial Advisory Committee (FACA). 

Action: Please send John Mahoney your suggestions on review panel guidelines/criteria for National Geospatial Advisory Committee membership.  FGDC will post the guidelines on the FGDC website ( 

Action:  William Mullen will provide Randy Fusaro a copy of HSIP Gold with all of the data excepting roads. 

Action:  Ivan will reach out to hifld to align the activities and information of HSIP Freedom and the Geospatial Line of Business.  

Action:  Jim Cason will convene an Executive Committee to receive a briefing on the Imagery for the Nation (IFTN) cost benefit analysis and program issues.  This Executive Committee will be asked to assist with the development and implementation of IFTN funding strategies.