February 15, 2007 FGDC Steering Committee Meeting Actions

Action 1:  John Mahoney will speak with Ed Wells (URISA) about clarity needed in the FACA Charter’s ethics clause.

Action 2:  John Palatiello (MAPPS) will provide comments to John Mahoney regarding the breakdown of private sector membership in the FACA charter.

Action 3:  Alan Falconer (UCGIS) will speak to John Mahoney about academia’s representation on the FACA.

Action 4:  Please provide John Mahoney (jmahoney@usgs.gov) with your comments and any additional information to be included in the FACA charter.

Action 5:  Ivan DeLoatch will follow up regarding including IFTN as a task within the LoB.
Action 6:
  The executive oversight committee will reconvene to determine its role in the LoB.