Hurricane Preparedness Needs or Gaps

Issue: How to be better prepared to respond rapidly, protect lives and property

-Finding data and understanding it
-Collection Methodology
-Where to get it (Red Cross vs. FEMA, Name of Person!)
Needs or Gaps
-Acquiring local government parcel data to determine trailer locations and housing information [more information on parcel data]
-Better communication:  radios and phones that work together, emergency frequencies and temporary transmission towers, use of wireless communications and devices 
-Better communication between agencies
-Ability to tie into existing data via GPS or other portable devices
-Training, data, data distribution mechanisms etc.
-Identify and train staff available for quick response
-Comprehensive GIS planning/resources are lacking
-Disaster response geospatial data sets
-Funds to complete data sets
-Models of threats (storm surge, wind damage, etc.)
-Need new approach to sharing large, detailed datasets for large land areas with users
-Essential function data queries need to be done prior to event and “on the shelf”
-Standard data formats and distribution mechanisms across federal agencies